Exclusive, long-lasting outdoor Party Grill Table. For baking chimney cake... Comfort and safety with your garden grill products from BEN-KEL.

2009. Pilisszentlászló

Szentendrei út 19.


BEN-KEL Ltd. from Pilisszentlászló is mostly known for the quality fireplace insert brands: Pilis, Bodok and Visegrád.


The company has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing cast fireplaces and fireplace inserts. Raw material choices without compromise, excellent professionals and utmost accuracy have all been playing a part in BEN-KEL products becoming a competitor for large producers abroad.


Our company has today a well-established reputation not just in Hungary, but also in other countries of the region. Professionals working with heating systems are always happy to see a BEN-KEL product. They know very well that it will not break down, wear out, lose some of its pieces, it will just function reliably as intended.


Every product comes with a complimentary poker.

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